Should Scotland sign UN Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty

Cvor0P9WIAAUPw9.jpgShould Scotland ask the UN if it can sign the new “Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty” that will be finalised next year? It would need to be a statement of intent, but still legally binding come Independence.

Don’t shout me down yet. I know we don’t have control over Foreign policy or Defence, so we can’t sign the treaty, but that inability to purse Foreign Policy hasn’t stopped us setting up a permanent trade mission in Berlin, a mini-Embassy basically, so we are obviously open to pushing the boundaries of “reserved powers”. I know that without Independence, its a meaningless signature, its just symbolic. Nope you’re wrong, its entirely significant. Yes without proper nationhood its unenforceable, as we are bound by the UK’s position on the treaty (or are we, as the Sovereign Will of the People of Scotland does not reside in Westminster, but in our Scottish MP’s within Westminster and in our parliament at Holyrood), but what a message to take the rest of world. Scotland not only wishes to take its rightful place amongst you, but on the day it does, nuclear weapons will be illegal on or soil, in our waters and in our airspace. What better message to take the world?

How many allies would we suddenly find at our shoulder, looking to support us into nationhood once again? Yeah the nuclear armed nations would oppose Scottish self determination, plenty of them did the last time anyway or rather the UK Foreign service managed to get some politicians in various nations to speak against it and that was reported as the entire nation opposing our right to reclaim our nationhood.

It would show our seriousness in wanting a better world. It would demonstrate to the majority of nations on the planet that have voted to make this ban happen, that we stand beside them, that we are serious about our responsibilities as a nation state. It would also make it immensely difficult for Westminster during eventual Independence negotiations, because even after Indy they would want to store Trident in Scotland. With one signature they wouldn’t be able to so.

Symbolically and politically I think this is something we must look deeper into.

So, is it an avenue we should be exploring?

Addendum: I meant to add to the piece when I wrote it that Holyrood has voted by a substantial margin against Trident renewal, which again is not a reserved matter so surely this is our next logical step.


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