The Cowardly Position of Unite on Trident Renewal


Since David Cameron has announced a vote on Trident renewal will take place on the 18th July. I want to address the hypocrisy of the position adopted by the Unite Trade Union. Since when did the needs of the few, outweigh the rights of the many. Unite have adopted a stance that puts the lives of not just their members at risk, but also the lives of all Scots and most Brits.

Now Unites Current Trident Policy in a statement in 2010 and reaffirmed in 2012 appears unambiguous and was not to to replace Trident. Yet by Nov of 2015, it seems jobs are more important than lives or peace. However, despite what seems like a volte-face on their original stance, it is entirely consistent with their earlier position, it’s just that their earlier statement was completely hypocritical, this is due to the weasily line at the bottom of the statement which null and voids the rest of the statement, “We need a policy that would see the jobs and skills of Unite members preserved, and until we receive firm commitments to this end we will continue to support our members and their employment.

So despite flowery words in their statement about Unite recognising that due to the non-proliferation treaty, the UK is obligated not to replace Trident, that’s not really their stance. Unite even claim in the original statement that “The moral and internationalist case for peace and disarmament is reinforced by economic necessities. It cannot be right to spend large sums on weapons of mass destruction when essential services are facing cuts.”.

Thus Unite are trying to sit on both sides of the fence at once. For the sake of the few, other members are expendable. For the sake of the few, Scotland’s population is expendable, for the sake of the few humanity is expendable.

For the sake of 520 jobs, everyone else can be eviscerated. OK lets be kind to Unite, as they do a good job, let us also include those who are employed indirectly, so for the sake of 1800 jobs the rest of Scotland’s 5.422 million population is expendable.

You are more likely to be knifed if you carry a knife, you are more likely to be shot if you own a gun, surely human nature being what is, you’re more likely to be nuked if your country swaggers about the world stage with nukes. Unite even acknowledge this in their statement “our possession of them encourages other countries to seek a similar arsenal”.

Unite need to come off the fence before the vote. Unite needs to say to its members that are employed directly or indirectly in the continuation of these WMD’s, that we will support and defend your employment rights, we will support you any way we can, but to borrow a sentiment from Mealoaf, when it comes to support for the renewal of Trident “We won’t do that”.


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