Democracy (only if it favours a Unionist)

I’m quite frankly sick of the line from Unionists that Scotland voted on Independence and that the issue is now dead. I’m fed up hearing that the settled will of the Scottish people is to stay within the Union, so we will never have a vote on it again.

Is that what we call democracy? Is that how it works? From now on, one vote, that is all you have. Once you’ve decided that’s it, the case is closed, game over, you’ve made your choice, live with it. Shit that is beginning to sound a lot like Catholic marriage vows.

That though, is not what we have or what we claim to have. We live in a democracy, (no matter how flawed), if I am not mistaken. That means we get to vote on matters, we then get to change our minds, alter our opinions and vote again. that means we have elections and a new government is formed.

Or should we follow the logic of the Unionists and as such we never need hold another election. Should we just keep the same govt forever? After all we voted on it. That is the settled will of the people, they made their choice, live with it.

Of course not. So why then do Unionists feel that they can make such pronouncements over the future of Scotland.

Well one line they like to trot out is that Alex Salmond said: “That’s my view. My view is this is a once in a generation, perhaps even a once in a lifetime, opportunity for Scotland.”.

Sounds like a closed case then, the Unionists have a point. Nope they don’t. Why? We are back to the opening paragraphs. This a democracy, the people decide our future, not the politicians, not the political parties. That was simply Alex’s¬†view. In a functioning democracy, the electorate are the ones that decide our path.

Thus, if any party decides in the future that it will add an Independence Referendum to their manifesto, then if the electorate vote that party in. If the people through our system of democracy hand that party power, then the people have decided that they once again want to hold the power to determine our countries future in their hands.

That is the power of democracy, we get to change our minds. No one person or party has a right to deny us that, no matter what they say.

Otherwise we no longer live in a democracy and when that happens revolutions begin.