Mushroom Politics – SLAB (Scottish Labour Accountancy Branch) Policy

Mushroom Management

A management philosophy prescribing to the theory that to best motivate your employees, you must at all times:

1. Keep them in the dark.
2. Feed them full of shit.

This is exactly the sentiments that Douglas Alexander, SLAB (Scottish Labour Accountancy Branch) Chief Strategist for the 2015 GE and shadow foreign secretary is saying in his recent comments:

In a speech at a conference in England he made the following remarks:

Among the 45 per cent of those who voted Yes there’s a great sense of grief and grief sometimes presents itself with anger.

His speech blamed social media for the current rejection of the LieBour party.

As reported in Alexander said: “We’re used to a politics where we share facts but diverge on opinions. We are confronting increasingly, with voters’ eyes on social media, a politics which is an echo chamber of people’s own opinions.

How do we engage with a very rapidly changing media landscape in which facts are not common and people have their own facts?

How fuckin’ dare we! How dare we educate ourselves! How dare we not follow the party line!

This really does echo back to the “Eat Your Cereal” advert that Better Together ran during the referendum.

Once again the point is proven that careerist politicians in the LieBour party simply want to lie to you. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW THE TRUTH, just accept what we tell you.

There, there thats a good little boy and girl. Now vote LieBour and feck off back yer hovel.


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